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Let’s boil this topic down and get right to the point for some MORE SEO B.S., “Why is Influencer Marketing Not Working.” Now, maybe you are an influencer or not but you don’t have to be. Think about it this way! Most companies nowadays wants their social media accounts to perform just like the big brands and influencers. So, no matter if you are an influencer or an entrepreneur, “How can you increase and skyrocket your own influencer marketing?

Now, Let’s start right off with some SEO B.S…

What About Social Media Agencies?

The number one issue your social media accounts are not growing and expanding is the SIN in Marketing Agencies. Bottomline, maybe you pay an agency $500 bucks to manage your social media. So, let’s assume you get 5 posts every month for $500 dollars, which is pretty common nowadays. What the agency is actually doing is taking around 20 minutes to make the posts, add them to a social media scheduler and thats it. They move on to other clients. In essence, you paid $500 for around 20 minutes of work.

This is exactly WHY you cannot compete with major brands or influencers.

Are you kidding me, 5 posts per month, come on. 

The REAL Influencer Marketing Secrets

What we all have to understand is that building a social media presence online is very competitive nowadays. And, even when NEW social media apps come out, you have to jump on the opportunity. Think about it this way, almost everybody and every single business has some form of a social media presence. So, this is the main reason I stated above,

Hiring a social media agency is NOT going to get you the results that you want because they merely CANNOT out work your competition.

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When you are building your Brand, always be AUTHENTIC!

No joke! Almost every company I work for and even when I use to work with digital media agencies, the number one issue I would see in this area is…

Clients would literally copy each other. And I mean, copy material, posts, ads, and websites almost verbatim.

You want to know what kills SEO Ranking faster than anything? Is coping your competitors!

Secret 2: 

Work on your Brand Identity.

Brand identity includes all the visual elements associated with your brand, from your logo and typography to colors, product packaging design, website design, and even your social media graphics. 

Secret 3: 

Be Persistent and Consistent

Now, when talking about being persistent and consistent, this is the MOST important but yet the MOST underrated.

This is where most entrepreneurs drop the ball and give up. They are consistent for 2-weeks or maybe a month, and then quit. And of course, they say, “It doesn’t work!”

Listen to this, most huge brands and influencers who have large followings, they have been ‘persistent and consistent’ for years. This is the main reason Why is Influencer Marketing Not Working for you. 

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How to Do Influencer Marketing 

This is where you are going to understand WHY a social media agency will waste your time.

  1. Be on several social media platforms.

In the past, they use to say only focus on 1 or 2 BUT nowadays, if you are really popular on one platform and it gets shutdown, you’re skewed. So, be on several platforms.

  1. Post about your personal life, not just all professional. People want to see WHO is behind a Brand. They want the REAL you!

This is the main issue I see with businesses. They still work by the old adage of “keep your personal and business life separate.”  This reflects on their social media platforms as well. All someone sees is sales and business posts. Take note:

People do not want to be sold all the time!

  1. Let’s talk about Posting…
  • Every single day, you have to make 3-5 posts. Combination of pictures, quotes, videos, and ect. 
  1. Engagement!

You have to engage with your followers! That means to answer comments. Further, it means to comment on other posts, blogs, and videos you like.

Influencer Marketing Wrap-Up


Now, when we think about large brands or influencers over a million followers, they are even doing more than the above. Yes! More! For example, they might be doing 5 videos a day and 2-3 hours of live streams. Every single day. Then on top of this, they are engaging like mad.

The bottom line, they are doing as much as they can possibly do. They are making it happen! Period.


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