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Good day my friends. This is THE CHAD and welcome to another episode of SEO B.S.  Within this episode, we are going to venture on the broad topic, “Is SEO Worth It?” Now, the reason I say it is a broad topic is because it depends on what context people are referring to…

Is SEO Worth the Time?

Is SEO Worth the Money?

And so forth!

Is SEO Worth the Time & Money?

First, let’s venture with the question, Is SEO Worth the Time? Now, at this part, lets assume you are doing your own SEO or you hired someone in-house for your company. My quick to the point answer is…

YES, It is worth the time. 

But, theres a big BUT. What you have understand is that search engine optimization does take time. And, lots of time, you are working for months without noticing any results. So, in other words, SEO is a slow process. You have to be patient! The greatest sin is that most companies want immediate gratification; and this doesn’t work with SEO. 

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Is SEO Worth the Money?

Remember, in the long run and the ultimate goal is to gain an increase Organic Traffic. So, in other words, you have to keep an appropriate goal in mind. If it was easy, well then, every company would have a tremendous amount of organic traffic but we all know this is not true.

Another concern, especially in marketing departments, most of the time the COO continuing wants marketing plans; weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports so the company can access if the marketing efforts are working. But again, only from experience, most companies operate off of the old adage of “IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION.” Basically, if they don’t see results in a month or two, well then it’s not working; and this goes into the realm of digital marketing, SEO and social media management. 

WHY Would I Say, “NO?”
SEO Is NOT Worth the Money?


The only time I would say that SEO is TOTALLY not worth the money is…

When a company or maybe yourself hires a marketing agency, digital media agency or an SEO Company!

Now, there are some good agencies out there but of course they are surrounded by the bad ones. The issue is that SEO is time consuming. It takes time and work. There are no shortcuts!

With Agencies:

  1. They have too many clients. Most of the time between 50-80 Clients per month.
  2. There are trying to scale their own company! To scale, companies have to cut-corners, which leads into more of a cookie-cutter approach. 
  3. They hire a ton of interns and novice marketers with 1 or 2 years of experience!
  4. You can checkout other resources: Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?

This is what I tell everyone…

If you have the money the hire a marketing agency around $1500-2000 per month;
You can hire someone in-house part-time.


Let Me Ask You a Question…
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