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As I was sitting in the office the last few days working on SEO B.S. Blogs and the Youtube Channel, it started to occur to me “The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make!” Of course, we are going to take a spin on it. Not just talking broadly on what mistakes businesses make but being more specific – The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make in Marketing. 

The Pondering Question…
The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make in Marketing

picture of chad napier pondering question

Chad Napier Pondering Question

Now, pointing out this mistake was not easy. Let me tell you. But, as you all know from previous articles and videos, I continually interview with companies and talk too many clients over the years. I started to connect a HUGE problem. It is actually something that I knew about and even complained many times in other situations. 

Then all of a sudden, I was sitting here one day (don’t laugh) and a light bulb moment came to me. I started connecting the main issue I see with businesses and companies who have a marketing department and hire marketing staff. Further, it even relates to marketing agencies as well.

What could the issue be? What in the world could be The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make? 

Imagine for a second…you are an entrepreneur! You own a business! What mistake possibly could you be making…


Spit It Out Chad…Just Tell Me Already!

Think about it this way! What is the general purpose for marketing? For hiring marketers?

Now in my opinion, it would be…

To increase revenue and sales. To grow and expand my company. And, hopefully increase the company’s gross profits every year.

So, Why in the world would a company hire cheap staff? Why would a business put little money towards the development of their marketers?

A GREAT Digital Marketer and SEO Expert is going to GROW your company! Bottomline, make your company more money! So it seems like an oxymoron that a business would hire the CHEAPEST marketers. Makes no sense, right?

Let Me Ask You a Question…
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