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    The 5 Most Costly Mistakes In Digital Marketing Agencies - How Many Are You Making Right Now?

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Dirty Little Secret #1

How are Marketing Companies Misleading to You…

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Dirty Little Secret #2

How to Use Digital Media & SEO Reports…

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Dirty Little Secret #3

The Greatest Sin Happening in Marketing Agencies Today that Effect You!

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How To Beat Marketing Agencies At Their Own Game

From: Chad Napier
Los Angeles, California


Or, maybe they are not really lying but you just feel like something is off. Work is not being done or up to your standards. 

My name is Chad Napier, and I'm part of an underground group of SEO Experts that you've probably never heard of. 

But, before we begin, let me tell you a little story. 

Now is the perfect time to grab a bowl of popcorn, sit down, relax and listen.  

I can remember in the beginning of my career. I just graduated college with is degree in Dietetics and Business. At the time, I was newly married and was eager to start my career and provide for my family. 

I got a job at the largest hospital in the region as a Patient Service Manager, which by the way is within the Foods & Nutrition Department and is a mixture of management, marketing and nutrition. 

picture of popcorn

This was almost nearly 20 years ago and even then, I wanted to do the best thing for people. During college, all my business classes were on increasing productivity through employee satisfaction. Basically, the more happy the employees, the harder they work. 

I was a cheerleader for my employees.
I wanted the best for them. 

picture of balloon being popped by a pin

One day, my Director pulled me into his office and said, 

"Chad, we need to talk." He preceded to tell me that 'no company wants a manager to be for the employees. You have to stop this Chad."

I was so eager and right their at that moment it was like the Director took a pin and popped my bubble. It deflated me. 

A couple of years later, the wife and I moved to Southern California from Ohio. On top of moving to a completely new state, I decided to retire from the hospital scene because I was not happy anymore. But, I was scared. We were in a new state and I knew NOBODY. NO CONNECTIONS

At my church during this time, I eventually met this guy and I told him my story and he said, "my company is looking for a manager in finance." My first reaction was that I had for little financial experience. So he continued that he was impressed with my management and leadership background. I said, "Why not. Sure!? 

Now, Fast forward several interviews, I got a job offer. And, I can remember exactly what I said to the Director. 

"If I am not going to do the best thing for people, I don't want to do it!"

The reason why I made this statement is because the byproduct of the company was financial products but it was a Marketing Company. I wanted to make sure we were going to do the best thing for our clients. 

Thinking back, this was the best job I ever had. I learned how to build companies, accounts and departments. Further, since it was marketing company, this sent me down the path of old marketing, which nowadays is considered Organic Marketing. Then we transitioned into Digital Marketing, Digital Media and SEO. 

Over the years, as I dug deeper into the products, the same thing was happening. Let me put it this way! When most companies try to scale their business, try to scale their product or try to increase margin, it's usually the product that suffers. For example, when a company tries to scale a health product or try to increase margin, what happens? In the beginning, the company bought all high quality ingredients but in order to scale, this forced the company to buy all cheap ingredients. Now of course, the consumer has no idea but know they are buying a low quality health product. And this happens more often than you think!

The Path into Conquering SEO...

This led me into the Entertainment Industry and I worked for some huge brands.  

The Ugly Truth with
SEO Services!

Over the past 5 years, I have worked for several Digital Media Companies claiming they do SEO Services; and I have continually interviewed with companies looking for SEO Directors and so forth.  

The Ugly Truth Exposed!

The scary truth is that I started seeing and experiencing a common trend.  

Was SEO Services Really Being Done?

Fancy Reports were Used to Trick the Clients!

Sales Tactics were Used to Get Clients Focused on Inorganic Traffic!

Most Clients Felt Work was being Neglected!

Clients Wanted Organic Results!!!

It's Not Your Fault You've Been Lied  To by Marketing Agencies

Picture of Conquering seo dirty little secrets

What Are Others Already Saying About 'Conquering SEO?'

"Chad has been instrumental in taking our Coaching Business Online with his expertise in SEO and Sales Funnels...there's no one better!" - Jang H. Kim

Partner, Triton Leadership Coaching, Director of Online Sales

picture of the cag filmz logo

CAG Filmz

"I started my film company about two years ago and didn’t know where to start. I just started shooting and posting but was not really getting the clients that I deserved being that I have been shooting for years. 

I was told from a client that I needed to learn SEO and he had given me Chads number. We spoke over the phone and after listening to me he described the whole process in what the time frame was going to be. 

Around to how much work was needed. I knew I was going against some big companies but I'm just a one man band so I did not want an overwhelming demand for my services right away. Months later I had more clients.

Coming in and it felt like it was paying off but the lesson that I learned with Chad is to find a certain niche in the market I was in and attack that and that is simply what I did. I do weddings , parties and video memories for my clients.

And that helps me produce my films which is all I wanted from the beginning."

AS You Can See...

Conquering SEO Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Get Instant Access to the Digital Marketing AGENCY MASTERCLASS Today

There is NO CATCH!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the SEO Masterclass!

 I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

    It's my way of saying thank you for taking your time.

    Because (unlike other "guru's") I want to get you RESULTS! Period!

    I'm sick of Digital Media Companies or SEO Services taking advantage of people. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH.

    Chad Napier

    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

    You are going to watch the FREE, "SEO MASTERCLASS." Again, it is FREE

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