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Since the is a new year and we are all re-accessing our goals and dreams, it’s time to bring you “How SEO Will Change in 2021” on this week’s episode of  SEO B.S. We are not going to dive into the nitty gritty of search engine optimization and how to do it. But rather point out some huge ranking principles that might be changing in the near future.  Now, for your own information, nobody and I say ‘nobody’ firmly knows how SEO will change, only Google knows. In other words, we can only guess and assume as very little information is given by Google itself.

So, if professional or marketing agencies are telling you they know all the trends of Google SEO and what’s coming in the near future, they don’t. They are guessing. That’s it!

How Will SEO Change in 2021

With accessing Google, huge brands, current trends and talking with clients; we are going to discuss, only in my opinion, what changes may be coming and how to get ready for it in terms of SEO for your business. I am not going to teach you how to do SEO but rather, what to pay attention to and adjust. This is more of a strategy session. As in opinion, most of SEO is strategy. 

SEO Strategies for 2021

Let’s dig into three main SEO Strategies for 2021.

Strategy 1: 

At the top of the list and is one of the number one ranking principles is Branding! Or, you can call it your Brand Identity.  Now, this may seem simple. But it’s really not! Think about it this way, most small businesses have NO clue about their Brand and how to connect with their audience. 

Now a brief definition of a brand is…

Brand identity includes all the visual elements associated with your brand, from your logo and typography to colors, product packaging design, website design, and even your social media graphics. 

In my opinion, this is just the stereotypical definition of branding. Think about a Brand this way:

  1. What makes people connect with you, your business or products.
  2. What draws people into your movement?
  3. Why do people want to follow your business. 

Think about it this way.

People want to be part of something.

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The second part of Branding is being AUTHENTIC! Be yourself! Bring your own uniqueness and style to your business.

What we have to understand to that Google is rewarding businesses that have huge Brands! People want to follow them, which leads into huge social media followers. People spend hours on their website – Maybe not hours by the way but at least spending several minutes.

That’s why it is so hard to try to out rank a huge Brand because they have spent thousands of hours trying to figure out the connection between their audience and their Business.  

Strategy 2:

The need for Search Engine Optimization and gaining more Organic Traffic is increasing because of the changes in privacy policy’s within Social Media Platforms, Google and Paid Ads. Check out the excerpt from “Why is SEO Important” below…

    1. Paid ads are getting more and more costly. It’s getting harder to make a profit. Especially within the small businesses, they are losing money!
    2. Are your paid ads even being shown? For example, several years ago certain social media platforms went through many lawsuits for allegedly exaggerating ad statistics and not showing paid ads. 
    3. When you run paid ads, you have to understand that there is between 10-15% Bot Traffic. 
    4. At this time of the article, around 27% of people have AD Blockers on their devices and its slowly increasing. Even as we speak, the big tech industry are making changes of certain levels of privacy. For example, retargeted ads! I actually did this by the way. I searched “how to fix my toilet” on Google. Then I noticed when I went to my social media and email accounts, I was shown ads on ‘Do I need a plumber? How to fix toilet leaks? And so forth‘ So, people look at these tactics as an invasion of privacy.
    5. SEO is important for business because it provides organizations with the visibility they need to attract customers online. 81% of customers and 94% of B2B buyers will perform searches online before they make a purchase.

Strategy 3:

How easy is it to navigate your business website? Remember, a confused mind will always say “NO!” So, saying all this leads to Strategy 3: User Friendliness.

This is another another tip that seems easy in the beginning but can be rather difficult. Think about it this way – you spend hours working on your website, things may seem easy for you to navigate but not for a visitor.

Businesses still live by this old adage that…

“People will visit my site and search all over.”

This is false! You have 7 seconds with someone before they bounce off your page. And, on top of this, most people never, ever leave your homepage.

Remember, User Friendliness goes deep. Its easy navigation, getting back to old content, easy on-page navigation, site structure, internal and external linking, mobile friendly, site relevance, and even paid ads relevant.


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