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Over the years, the ever changing and evolving technology can have a positive and negative effects on your business. The word being “adaptable” is ever apparent when speaking of all aspects of digital marketing, SEO and programming. One minute, the business is getting great results and the next minute, results can be declining and you are trying to figure out WHY. This has led us to this weeks topic on SEO B.S. Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success.’ 

Before we embark on the journey Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success, we have to discuss how the industry is constantly changing that will directly effect the reason Why Organic Traffic is needed more and more in your business. 

First Off…

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is HOW Somebody Finds your Company, Business, Website or Brand Organically WITHOUT Paid Ads.


The Ever Changing Google, SEO & Big Tech

The need for Search Engine Optimization for your online success and gaining more Organic Traffic is increasing in popularity because of the changes in SEO with Google, Google Algorithm, Big Tech Platforms, Paid Ads and SEO Spam. Nowadays, companies are leaning more towards an Organic approach to digital marketing than ever before. 

Paid Media

picture of is seo worth it featured imageFirst, let’s dive into paid media. Now, you may be asking, “why in the world are we talking about paid media Chad?” For one, the essence behind Paid Ads are changing and even with gurus who preach about SEO, the truth is, most of their traffic comes from paid media. What we have to understand is there is a lot of sin in the realm of marketing, SEO and paid media. Often, even gurus don’t give you 100% accurate information.

That being said, let’s dig a little in paid ads:

  1. Paid ads are getting more and more costly. It’s getting harder to make a profit. Especially within small businesses, money can be lost!
  2. Are your paid ads even being shown? For example, several years ago certain social media platforms went through many lawsuits for allegedly exaggerating ad statistics and not showing paid ads. 
  3. When you run paid ads, you have to understand that there is between 10-15% Bot Traffic (at least). 
  4. Around 27% of people have AD Blockers on their devices and its slowly increasing. 

Big Tech

We all might have heard that the big tech industry are making changes of certain levels of privacy online. For example, Retargeted Ads! I actually did this by the way. I searched “how to fix my toilet” on Google. Then I noticed when I went to my social media and email accounts, I was shown ads on ‘Do I need a plumber? How to fix toilet leaks? And so forth‘ So, people look at these tactics as an invasion of privacy.

Even as I write this article, the company ‘Apple‘ is doing major updates on their devices that consumers can turn off ads and tracking because people are concerned about their privacy being violated. Even with Search Engines, consumers are using Search Engines that do not show or track ads, like duckduckgo

Now, of course businesses who spend a ton of money on Paid Media don’t like these changes because it effects their overall sales volume. Even Facebook is trying to fight Apple on the privacy update changes. 

SEO Spamming Tactics

We do have to talk briefly about Spamming SEO Tactics. Now, SEO Spam has been around since the onset of search engine optimization but as SEO gains more popularity within the masses, Google will eventually start to get harsher with websites that conducts these types of SEO practices.

When we talk about SEO Spam, I am not going into all the negative practices regarding to SEO, but only in my opinion, what changes to watch out for with new Google Updates.

Even today, I still interview with companies for SEO positions and of course, I talk to people about SEO weekly. What happens is there is a common denominator that I start to notice regarding SEO practices.

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SEO Puzzle

The two most popular subjects companies talk about are: 

  1. Keywords
  2. Backlinks

Nowadays, we have to pay attention to what is popular within the masses of the population because usually when something gets popular, spam practices comes with it. Now, it’s not guaranteed of course and it’s only my opinion and experience but everybody is focused on SEO Keywords and Backlinks. It’s like these are the only two elements for search engine optimization.

Imagine putting together a 100 piece puzzle and you only have 2 pieces. Makes no sense, right? This is the very reason, or one of the reasons, why companies get NO results in SEO. 

Google Algorithm Updates

When we talk about Google Algorithm Updates, first off, nobody knows exactly what the updates are going to be changed and how it will effect SEO. We can ONLY assume from experience.

Now, in my experience, there will be a few changes:

  1. Keywords: as SEO Keywords become more of a spamming service, future updates from Google will be around Keyword saturation.
  2. Backlinks: This has grown tremendously in popularity the last couple of years and only in opinion, as gotten spamming. The honest truth when I work in SEO and even interview with companies, behind the scenes, businesses want backlinks no matter how they get them.

Word of advice – you want to be careful in this area.

  1. Branding: Nowadays, Google is leaning towards Brands. So, with SEO, it is wise to focus on your Company’s Brand.

Remember, most companies struggle in this area. But, it will be time well spent down the road. 


Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success?

Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success?

SEO is important for business because it provides organizations with the visibility they need to attract customers online. 81% of customers and 94% of B2B buyers will perform searches online before they make a purchase.


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