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Hey Friends! This week on some more SEO B.S., we are going to dive into “Why SEO is Important for Small Business?” When we talk about ‘why SEO is important for business’ this is close to my heart as in my early teens I started my entrepreneurship. I can remember being 13 and never wanted to have a normal J.O.B. Of course, being that young I didn’t know exactly what an entrepreneur was or did, but my mindset started to shift in that direction. 

Further, in my early teens, my family owned a martial arts studio that I was a co-instructor (Remember, I use to train and compete professionally in martial arts). Later on in life, my dad started his own independent trucking company; and I myself am an entrepreneur – working in startup companies, being an author, and building brands. So, when I say owning and running a small business is close to my heart, I am talking from personal experience. 

Why SEO is Important for Business

The main question to ask and answer right up front is…

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is HOW somebody finds your Company, Business, Website or Brand Organically WITHOUT Paid Ads.

This is a simple, easy, to-the-point definition of SEO. Simplicity is the key.

The reason Why SEO is Important for a Small Business is because they want Organic Traffic without wasting money on paid ads, which nowadays, are getting more and more pricy.

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Top SEO Importance for a Small Business

  1. Organic Traffic.
  2. No Paid Ads.
  3. Around 27% of people have ad blockers on their devices.
  4. Further, even now as we speak, people feel like their privacy is being violated which leads to certain tech giants to put the control back into the consumer’s hand. So, in other words, the consumer can turn off ads, tracking ads and so on within their devices.
  5. Furthermore, people are using search engines that do not track your privacy! For example, duckduckgo

There are two very important items WHY small businesses should implement SEO strategies to their business.

One, from the list stated above, more and more people have ad blockers and many more are concerned about privacy standards online. Bottom line, this will negatively effect paid ads. If this trend continues to grow, well, the need for search engine optimization is a MUST for your company.


Two, paid ads are getting too pricey and expensive. Most paid ad strategies are for huge brands, NOT small businesses. So, the essence of ad philosophy is,



A Realistic Look at Paid Ads for Small Businesses

What’s happening nowadays, large brands are dumping large sums of money into Ad Campaigns. Even top digital companies and gurus are spending large sums of money on Ads, but at the same time, telling you a slightly different story. For example…

One digital company selling online products was making $25,000 per month. Sounds good right. But when I looked within their ads, they were spending $20,000 per month, only profiting $5,000! Yes, their ads are profiting and they are making a profit. BUT, usually they are telling you they are making 25k per month because it sounds SEXY and purposely leaving out the true profit margin.

Another story…

Another top online digital influencer makes 5 million per year. But again, they are spending around 2.5 million in ads, with a net profit of 2.5 million per year. Now, what I loved within this scenario is that they were transparent with their ad spend. They were not hiding it. 

The point here is not to point out if a business or person is being transparent with their Ad spend but to point out the amount of money invested into paid ads. 

The Top SEO Strategy for a Small Business

picture of Search Engine Optimization for small businesses logoOnly from experience, seeing the trends of ad blockers, privacy violations and ad prices continually growing – Google it self is continually updating their algorithm. What’s also interesting, Google is putting more emphasis on Branding and Content Strategy. Google is starting to reward businesses with a top brand and consumers WHO actually want to be on your website, blog and so forth. 

For example, nowadays (only in opinion) keywords and back-linking are becoming spamming SEO practices. So, companies are starting to see a decline in ranking because of their bounce rate. WHY? In the past with this practice, companies got top rankings but if people do not stay on your website for a period of time, GOOGLE is noticing and even stating…

“Why should theses companies get rewarded and get all the ranking.”

Google is leaning towards companies with great brands; people want to view, read, subscribe, watch all your content and so forth. So, SEO is becoming more of a strategy game than a technical game


What is Your Best Choice for Search Engine Optimization.


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