Is Ed Mylett a Fraud?

Hello my friends. My name is Chad Napier and Welcome to some more SEO Bullshit. This week, we are going to take a new spin on search engine optimization and digital marketing and focus our attention on “Is Ed Mylett a Fraud?” For some, Ed Mylett came out of nowhere on social media and is climbing the charts by extraordinary numbers. His advice in business is off the hook. But the question continues…is he a fraud? Or, just another influencer! Further, how does Ed Mylett relate to SEO Bullshit. 

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Now years of ago, I actually know and have met Ed Mylett many times as I use to work for his firm back in 2003-2008. You may be thinking, my advice here will be bias, but hold tight. If you know me, I do not mind calling out BS on companies and people especially if they are not doing the best thing. I don’t care if a company makes billions of dollars, if they do not do the right thing for their employees, clients and customers…Well, shame on them (like Ride Share and food delivery companies that are notorious for taking advantage of their employees, paying under minimum wage, and hiding behind independent contractor agreements. Why are these companies still aloud to operate in the United States is beyond me).

In the Past with Ed Mylett…

I can remember near the end of 2003 and I worked with World Group Securities and WFG; and I was asked two questions:

  1. What Books do you read?
  2. What seminars, workshops, ect. do you attend?

picture of maxing out your life with ed mylettDuring that time, I was not an avid reader. The only books I read were associated with nutrition, fitness and martial arts. Further, you are talking to a person who never read a book in high school or college. So, you can guess what my answer was to question number one.

Then question two was asked, “What seminars and workshops do you attend?” It was pretty much the same answer, “I did not attend any except martial arts and fitness seminars because that’s what I was into.”

I will never forget the response, “Chad, how can you expect to lead a department, a company or people when you are not practicing what you preach! If you are not enhancing and bettering yourself, how can you expect to mentor other employees or people?” Of course, I could not respond because it made so much sense.

This is the main issue I have seen over the years with people, companies and even with digital marketing and SEO companies. Employees are not continuing their personal development! They know the semantics of the job needed to fulfill their job description and they stop learning. So, the question of the day is…

How can they mentor you or your business if they have stopped growing themselves? Further, why would you take advice from somebody or an employee who has not achieved what you want – via Digital Media and SEO Companies, where most employees only have 1 or 2 years of experience.

Ed Mylett: A Fraud???

If you think Ed Mylett is a fraud, Well, think again! Yes, he is a millionaire. And, further, should I say a cash millionaire! Let’s take it a step deeper, a debt-free cash millionaire. If we were talking about an ice cream sundae, let’s put the cherry on top…Ed Mylett is a Self-made Millionaire. Matter of fact, only in opinion, as self-made as they come in today’s society.

picture of ed mylett's 10 rulesEd Mylett help build WFG for where the company is at today. When I say help build, I don’t mean managing paid media, running ads or dumping $100,000 per month in campaigns! I mean, he built it ORGANICALLY (old school marketing). Organic Marketing is the premise of SEO – building your company digitally without paid media.

Anytime a person builds a company, an account or department organically there is WAY MORE RESPECT. And, further, it takes way more experience to build a company organically than it does to build companies via paid ads.

That’s my whole issue with Digital Media Companies – they hire 20-year-olds to manage the semantics of paid ads. They cannot grow or build your company organically. So, why would you take advice from them???


SEO Bullshit with Ed Mylett

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What I love about Ed Mylett is that he truly built a company ORGANICALLY from scratch being a young, punk kid…I am saying that jokingly by the way. He did not search out investors and further, digital media did not exist during this time in his life. So, enormous RESPECT to this man. If you want to know how to build a company and what it takes, this is your go to guy.

The REAL Skills About Organic Marketing…

Behind all the BS about marketing and building a company, what are the real skills needed? The issue today, there are too many marketers out in the world that just tell you want you want to hear! And, on top of it, they have not even accomplished what you want in life. You have to understand, it’s risky to tell people the truth because they might not like you; they might not follow you or buy your products and so on. But what you have to understand, when someone tells you what you want to hear, it cripples your business. It doesn’t make it better, it hurts it. The truth, even though it hurts at times (maybe most of the time), makes you grow and change for the better.

The truth about organic marketing, you spin as many plates at the same time as you can handle. This does not sound sexy but it’s the truth. Let me give you an example! Yes, you have a website, learning SEO, on all the social media channels but ALSO you are doing…

  1. Relationship Marketing: you are building relationships with people.
  2. When people ask you “what you do for work?” You have created mini pinches of what you do for a living that is intriguing.
  3. You are involved with your community, community outings and events.
  4. Depending upon your niche, you are involved with trade shows. For example, if you are an author, you reach out to all the bookstores in your area and get in involved.
  5. Personal Development: at the same time, you are working on your own personal development – you are buying books and programs, attending seminars and surrounding yourself with people who have accomplished what you want to achieve.
  6. This list can go on and on…

Now, this is not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. And, this is what all successful entrepreneurs and companies are doing but for some reason digital marketers and especially digital marketing agencies want to spread a fantasy of lies around building a brand. The biggest sin in marketing is that you tell people what they want to hear – no matter if it’s the truth or a lie!

Going Deeper…

Another prime example is social media management. It is between night and day what a Marketing Agency is going to do for you versus what you should do. All a marketing agency will do is put your posts in a scheduler and that is it. Lets say you are paying an agency $500 per month (which is very modest) to manage your social media. Whatever the agreement is on the total amount of posts, all they are doing to adding the post to a scheduler, not engaging with your audience and probably takes them 30 minutes. So, you paid them $500 for 30 minutes of work to destroy your social media…lol

The truth is..manage your own social media or hire in-house. You have to engage with people and its your own voice – meaning, you are the one engaging with people, not somebody else or a company. Influencers with huge followings, this is exactly what they are doing. They are engaging with people all day long. They are NOT hiring an agency and adding posts to a scheduler and that’s it. It takes work! Period!

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