Social Media Management Scams

picture of Social Media Management Scams bannerHappy Thursday Friends! Lets get ROCKIN with some more SEO Bullshit! Now this topic is dear to my heart as I use to work for digital media agencies, I am exposed to many clients. Sometimes, the word many is a little too nice (laughing by the way). But the question with managing social media is a popular task for agencies and questions always roll in from clients, businesses and even on interviews with the strategy behind social media. This is what led me to embrace the task of this article on Social Media Management Scams.

Before we embark on this journey about “Social Media Management Scams,” I don’t really mean scams. Yes, some companies do scam you in this service but mainly what I see in just plain – BAD ADVICE. Part of this reason, it takes a lot of work but for the most part, if someone has not built an enormous following on social media themselves or at least, worked for a huge brand who has mastered their own social media, WHY would you hire this person, agency or company?

Now, even with my own personal social media, it sucks. Seriously! But, I have worked for enormous brands for the last 15 years and have been involved with their social media strategy. And to be honest, it takes a lot of work – being persistent and consistent everyday. If you believe there is some special HACK or fairy dust that is going to explode your social media, STOP HERE, and move on. BUT, if you are ready to work and put in the time, let me share some secrets with you. 

Social Media Management Scams
Am I Being Lied Too?

Besides the point that agencies or their employees just don’t have the practical experience to give advice; the other question is should I hire a social media management company to manage my social media?” 

picture of social media management with a huge red x on itThe short answer is “No!” And my main reason is because MOST of the time, agencies or management companies will use scheduling software or schedulers (social media management tools) to manage your social media posts. Now, I am not knocking these types of software tools and even SEO Tool nowadays will come with some type of social media scheduler, like SemRush. But, agencies are not using them properly. They are using the tools for social media management mainly to scale their services. 

For example, lets say you paid an agency $500 per month to manage your social media posts. More than likely, you have agreed to 2 post a week for $500 per month. So, what the agency does is sit down, spends 30-minutes creating the all the posts for the month, schedulers it out the whole month and that’s it. So, in essence, you paid them $500 for 30-minutes of work…lol. Now, an important note, no matter what you paid the agency per month, the process is relatively the same. 

The Reasons Why You Should Never Hire a Marketing Agency to Manage Social Media!

This question was pretty much answered in the previous section stated above. But to rephrase the answer, all agencies are scheduling services in social media. They are not managing anything…lol. They are simply creating a certain number of posts every week for you and scheduling it out for the entire month. Then they move on to another client. 

My advice, if you are going to spend money on your business or brand, don’t hire an agency to manage your social media! Save the money and use it for a different purpose for your business. It is about efficiency and using the best of your resources, and this is not one of them. 


The Secrets Managing Social Media

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With this article, I really want to give you some solid advice and walk-aways to help your business grow in the area of social media. So, what are the secrets…

Be Persistent Everyday 

The biggest and most important task with social media management is to be persistent every single day. That mean post every day! It’s just like starting or running a business – it’s about being persistent and consistent over a period of time. It’s not about cramming work all in one day.

This is the huge draw back from hiring a marketing agency to manage your social media account because they WILL do it all at one time. 

Post Several Times a Day 

Now, on top of posting everyday, you want to post several times a day. Sometimes with myself, I have to build up to it. I have to get in the habit of posting everyday at first, then I will increase it.

picture of social media management logosThis is what works best for me. Sometimes it can be over-whelming to tell someone to post 3x a day across all social media accounts when they only post once a month. It’s a big shocker. So, start small and build up to it. But your very first main habit is to get in a habit of posting everyday even if it is only once.

This is exactly what I do with my social media accounts. If you follow me, you will notice if I fell out of the habit of posting, I will start off by posting once a day but everyday. Then when I get use to it and it actually becomes a habit, I will increase the capacity to 2x a day. 

Use a Combination of Posts

When you start posting several times a day or even every day, take advantage of the various social media channels and different ways to post. For example, besides just posting quotes, text and pictures; you can post videos. On top of that Facebook has Facebook Live and Stories to post, and so does Instagram. So, use your imagination. 

Be Engaging

The second most important item on the list to talk about is “BE ENGAGING!” On top of just posting on your social media channels, you have to be engaging with your audience. You have to truly want talk, spend time and offer solutions to your audience.

This means…

Comment on your Post Trends  & Answer Questions!

Do Not Post Business Stuff All Time 

Another thing I see a lot of is posting business and sales information all the time, if not, every time. Especially, if you have a business. This is a major temptation and bad habit to fall into and even for myself, I struggle with this to.

Remember this…people want to engage with you! They don’t want to be sold all the time. And, on top of this, they want to see the REAL you. They want an actual person behind the business. 



Lets Wrap This Up: Social Media Management Scams

You need to manage your own social media. I know this is not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. With Social Media Management, you have to do it.

Now, when your are ready and have the budget, hire in-house – either part-time or full-time.  Think about it this way! If you have the money to pay a marketing agency that hires non-qualified employees too new in their careers to manage your social media. You can take the same amount of money and hire someone in-house part-time. 

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