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During this whole past week, I have been thinking about what it takes to build a company or a brand. I then started to reflect on my own experiences building startups within the financial industry. This led to many questions I started to ask myself, especially what did we do the first several months? And of course, this leads us to this weeks topic on SEO B.S., “What Marketing Agencies Don’t Want to Tell You!

Now some of the questions I was asking myself were related to the topics of…

How to build a business?

How to start a business up?

Or, How to build a business online?

Of course, when we start to ask ourselves these types of questions, it leads to the ultimate question:

What are the Meat and Potatoes to Building a Business?

What are the Main Elements I Need to Focus On?


And Finally,
“What Marketing Agencies Don’t Want to Tell You”
What is it Chad…


picture of the What does a marketing agency don't want to tell you featured image bannerBefore I tell, you have to understand this is not what you want to hear. It is not some secret or a secret hack to organic marketing or SEO, it is the truth. Listen up!

What we would focus on in the beginning stages of building a brand or even how to build a business from scratch, it is SALES. Yes, that’s right, we would focus on sales.

The next question is,

“What exactly do I mean by sales?”

And, you might be asking yourself already, I am not in sales, Chad. Hold on a second and let me explain. 

When we would begin a startup or maybe, a company wants to open a brand new account or even still, you want to learn how to establish a business name or a brand, we would focus on sales for the first 3-4 months. And that’s all we did for 3-4 months because it takes that long to build momentum. Then once you build momentum, you ride the momentum. 

What do I mean by Sales?

This is exactly what I mean about sales…You are out-and-about building connections. If you are not talking or working with a client, you are out-and-about building connections within the community. If there is paperwork to do or finish, you finish during an off-time and you are out-and-about building connections.

What I mean by paperwork being done during an off-time, let’s assume you come to the office at 8am. Between 8am – 10am is time to do paperwork or catch up on work. At 10am, if you are not meeting with a client, then you are out-and-about building connections. At noon take a lunch. Between 1-5pm, if you are not meeting with clients, then you are out-and-about building connections. This brings you to dinner time. After dinner, this is when you finish paperwork.

If you want to know WHY people don’t make money in business or at commission sales is that they are working on the wrong stuff at the wrong time of the day.

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What Does This Have to Do With
Organic Marketing or Marketing Agencies?


First, let’s talk about Marketing Agencies.

For one, marketing agencies are not practicing what they preach. To you as a client – they preach about digital marketing and SEO but in reality, they did exactly what I stated above. They do sales. That’s how they built momentum for their agency.

In my own experience, all the marketing agencies I have worked for rarely do any of their own digital marketing or SEO. They focus solely on sales. They focus on sales and they focus on sales with all their clients within all their client reports. Yes, all their reports are sales tactics to keep you paying every single month.

But WHY don’t they tell you this???

Second, let’s talk about Organic Marketing.

First, let’s answer the question, “What is organic marketing?”

An organic marketing strategy generates traffic to your business naturally over time, rather than using paid advertising or sponsored posts. Anything you don’t spend money on directly – blog posts, case studies, guest posts, unpaid tweets and Facebook updates – falls under the umbrella of organic marketing.

How does sales and building connections relate to organic marketing
or an organic marketing strategy like content strategy?

Think about it this way. When you are focused on sales, building connections, and recruiting, what happens? Eventually people will search for you online or your business. Or, they will search for your company. This is actually organic marketing or content strategy. This is how sales works for your SEO Ranking as well


Let Me Ask You a Question…
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