The Greatest Sin in Marketing Agencies

picture of The Greatest Sin in Marketing AgenciesLets boil this topic down to some REAL SEO Bullshit, “The Greatest Sin in Marketing Agencies.” I will have to tell you a little story on how I figured out it out. Actually, I already knew it was there but from an recent experience, it was brought to my attention once again. 

A Story of a Boy Named Chad…

picture of The Greatest Sin in Marketing Agencies cartoon of chadOnce upon time, a boy named Chad was interviewing for a job in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Chad got a call one day from a startup company called “Aim Marketing.” Chad decided to help Aim Marketing with their digital marketing, SEO and Google Ads as their owner and employees did not know how to do it. Further, they already had a handful of clients…lol. 

Since AIM Marketing wanted to stiff “The Chad” and not pay him; Chad decided it was time to expose The Greatest Sin in Marketing Agencies.

What is the Greatest Sin in Marketing Agencies?

From the funny story above, which is true by the way, this is often times the sad truth with marketing agencies and especially startup agencies. In my example story, the startup company had a handful of clients for an array of marketing needs, most around Paid Ads and a little SEO. But what I found out immediately is that they did not know what they were doing. All the clients were with them around 2-3 months and nothing was getting done because of the lack of knowledge owners themselves.

When I spoke with the owner, he just wanted to start a business because he was tired of being an employee (I can understand this). So, he had his day job during the day and worked on Aim Marketing in the evening or throughout the day. But, he did not have the background to manage clients and let alone, handle their marketing needs.

This happens way more often than we think and it just does not happen in startup companies. Yes, for a startup, there is a limited budget to hire qualified staff but this is rather a norm for even established marketing companies. Further, a lot of marketing teams are made up of many marketing interns as well. So in essence, your company is being handled by an employee with a lack of skills in marketing or even an intern. Makes no sense to me. Save your money!

The Sin Exposed!!!

picture of the Sin exposed in Marketing Agencies

What is the GREATEST MARKETING SIN??? To continue on with my story, Remember, the marketing agency (AIM) had a handful of clients. During one conversation, the owner became a little stressed because the clients had been paying him for a couple of months with literally no results. He then proceeded to ask me what he should do and all my recommendations were downplayed because of course he is the CEO and owner.

Be mindful again that the owner had no marketing experience! With no prior experience building brands, companies, start-ups and even departments. BUT he is in charge cause it’s his company…lol. 

Then all of a sudden, he spilled the beans…

He Said, “Chad, I pitched the clients that we had a brand new keyword research capabilities. We had our own SPECIAL audiences and Keyword Variations that would increase traffic with Google Ads.”

And this right here my friend is the GREATEST SIN in Marketing Companies! Most Marketing Agencies are just sales! Period. They are selling you on some type of SPECIAL SAUCE in SEO, Marketing or Google Ads that does not exist! And if it did exist! Wouldn’t it make sense they would take their own advice! And, to take it further, wouldn’t it make sense any marketing employee would learn this so-called SECRET? Quit their job and start their own company to take advantage of this special sauce…lolol!!!

Like I said, if marketing experts were so good. They would start their own company and product line. But, they don’t. Because they are not that good, don’t know how to do it or only like to spend other peoples money.


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