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pH Dental Inc Reviews

You’re a dentist that has their own practice searching for dental products and other products to help enhance your dental practice. While searching, you find pH Dental Inc. or maybe even their sister company Integrum. What do they do! Are they legit? Should you buy their products? Let’s examine this theory on this next article of SEO B.S., “pH Dental Inc Reviews.”

pH Dental Inc. & Integrum

In the beginning, the first red flag for me was pH Dental Inc. (https://phdentalinc.com/)  was starting a sister company and a website migration to Integrum (https://integrum3d.com/), which is integrum3d.com. Now, it’s not bad to have a sister company or another DBA but in this case I had to ask, “WHY?” The main reason for my skepticism is that pH Dental and Integrum had the same exact website and products! So again, WHY phase out pH Dental to Integrum? Especially, if the company (pH Dental) had descent SEO Ranking – WHY jeopardize the move to a sister company. Further, staff was even instructed by the CEO and COO not to tell clients (which are mostly dentists) that Integrum was basically pH Dental.

After further digging and observation, pH Dental was beginning to get a horrible representation with over-promising clients within the dentistry industry. For example, just to make a sale, pH Dental would promise rebates, credits and marketing services that they faulted on. Then when the dentists and clients would complain, they were simply ignored by the company. Further, these promises contractual agreements.

With my experience when a company does this type of transition of business entities, it only means one thing. Now, this is only my opinion but look at it this way…

pH Dental Inc. is at fault with many dental businesses purposely not fulfilling their contractual agreements. So, the contractual agreements are legally with pH Dental, so a plan could be, to phase out pH Dental and maybe even declare bankruptcy. Then set up another business entity (Integrum). That way, they can default on all their promises and contractual agreements with all their dental clients under the pH contract. 

pH Dental Inc. Numerous Complaints

When reviewing pH Dental, take a look below at a letter from a staff member addressing the company of continuous complaints from Doctors. FYI…he does get a little emotional, like any of us, but stay focused on the actual issues that are arising. 


Good morning everybody; I hope this message is finding everyone safe and well. I realize it’s been a while since I’ve seen everybody; I sincerely hope you and your family are weathering the pandemic well and are staying healthy. I wanted to write a message today to have some sense of closure. I have not transition well and my clients and I are experiencing difficulties coming to grips with the fallout of my job dismissal. I had hopes, even after I was let go, that pH will do the right thing to take care of the doctors that I’ve brought into the company; but unfortunately that is not the case.

I’m writing to keep management accountable to shed some light into management’s unethical practices and to hope that this will change some hearts and mind to do the Right & Honorable things; that management will take Care of the people who put their Faith & Trust in their hands.

Some of the recent accounts & situations that I’m specifically referring to are:
  • Dr. David Levitt – was promised honorariums equal to the purchase price of his PreXion. Joe has only been given one opportunity to record an online seminar; and have since stopped returning his calls.

  • Dr. Lori Bagai – Nguyen has denied ROI payments even though she has meet all the Criteria for ROI assistance. Dr. Bagai, who is on medical leave, is forced to deal with the headache of having to retain an attorney for her Contract Sales Agreement rights. So Sad!

  • Dr. Nilar Thein – Nguyen has also denied ROI assistance – but Dr. Thein has chosen to simply move on and not fight.

  • Downey Dental, Dr. Alex Galang, Dr. Clara Hyun, and Dr. Sam Khorsandi – All had some issues with regards to PPE, PAX, Infection Control: Returns, Credits, Product Issues & Replacements; they have also been meet with silence, none returned calls, emails & text messages.

  • Abraham (Royal Dental Service) had to fight for 8-Months before Trisha would pay him for his Contracted services.

  • My Personal Commission – I have never complained but I have experienced under payment for commissions earned for Accounts & Activities under my Name & I just having to Fight for Every penny that I have earned.

I am writing because I have always believed in looking out to the person to my left & my right; that includes the doctors we serve and the employees of pH.

picture of pH Dental inc reviews and integrum3dFurther, I can only speak for myself; but it is simply not ethical that pH would keep employees last year on unemployment insurance while profiting handsomely off of our labor, sweat, efforts and productivity; they call it ‘Volunteering’; I call it taking advantage of uncertain times; where job options are very limited and I call it Labor Fraud where pH defrauded, hundreds of thousands off of Federal & California EDD funds meant for genuinely hurting families.

PH-Dental, Management, Vu, Nguyen and ‘The To Family’ have all proven they will do everything they can to keep profits to themselves; to pay out as little as possible to Clients, Employees and Contractors and to put up Road Block, after Road Block to make it as difficult; as Opaque as possible to Fulfill their Promises and to do what they have Contractually Agreed to do Legally.

I’m writing because pH will make it awkward for you to bring up their promises for Profit Sharing; they will Avoid the topic of issuing, distributing, (selling?) Company Stock Options, and they will be illusive and not share Detail Plans of how management is taking Accounting & Financial Plans of how they are trying to take pH Dental Public.

Management calls each employee a ‘Tribe Member’

They are implying that you Are Family, true family members look out for each other; through Good, Bad & Hard times. They don’t’ simply ‘Let them Go’ when times get tough, No.. they stick it out, carry each other’s burdens. Management calls you Family because You produce for them, and when you are no longer useful, productive they have no hesitation to let You Go; that is Not Family, This is just Business, call it what it is; don’t call it Family when it is Not.

I actually Hope that pH Does Well, and that everyone is Successful and Vu can Lead the company to Honest financial Goals that he has envisioned even through these terrible times. You guys are some of the hardest working, talented people I know. You guys deserve so much more; there are so much opportunities elsewhere and I hope everyone sees that. Here are a few things I hope management will address in you next group meeting:

  1. A Clear, Concise & Transparent plan of how Management is going to Issue Stock Options for employees.
  2. Clear, Concise & Transparent of how Management is going to take pH-Dental Public.
  3. A Clear, Concise & Transparent of how pH-Dental plans to deal with Legacy Clients who they have a Contractual Obligation to fulfill
Lastly I leave you with a resource to report management if you don’t believe you were paid your earned wages or commission & you feel that pH Dental has taken advantage of EDD benefits:





Another Letter Exposing Even More Corruption…

I appreciate the civility of your message and assure you I am not slandering pH-Dental with any False or unfounded statements & facts. Please feel free to dispute anything that I have said that is False, Untrue or Wrong. If you want to talk empirical data; let’s talk real hard numbers. I have Never worked for a dental dealer that discourages or keeps Wholesale Prices Private.! I have Always known from Manufacturers what our Wholesale Price Fee Schedules are; that way management and myself can always plan for installation, delivery & any unexpected charges that inadvertently arise.

picture of pH Dental inc reviews and integrum3d reviewsIt is the Standard Dental Equipment Sales practices that we know and therefore can Protect company profits. I have always looked out for Company Profits, I’ve always made sure I sell products for as much as the market can bare; I’ve always make sure pH is taken care of. But I’m sad to say that You and Management have not returned the sentiment. We all know I’ve closed sales agreements upwards of $110,000; a PreXion Excelsior Pro Wholesale for $43,000 (last time I’ve checked), YES, I know you Want to keep that number private because you want to Control that piece of information.

Your Greed has taken a hold of you and I’m glad that Everyone can see that you are just blatantly telling Lies. I encourage anyone to Call Tim at PreXion and ask him how much pH-Dental pays for a Excelsion (714)287-7330; or better yet; here is a copy of Young’s Dental’s retail Invoice for a PreXion; he charges a Fair price of: $72,000 Retail out the door; and I’ve sold Medical Billing, Marketing on top of that. I’m estimating that for just a typical $110,000 deal pH dental has made upwards of $65,000 in Gross Profits.

I can’t stand your Greed anymore; MONEY should never be your Goal, personally, professionally, it is Only a Means. It will never satisfy, the more money you make, the more you will want, it will Never be enough. I’ve told you about this before; and I hope you grow Your character and one day learn this lesson.

To address your second point; I am intimately involved in my accounts & practices. I’ve am their biggest advocate that is why I’m pointing out all your Missed promises and unfilled Contracts. I’m not simply Not responsible for Medical Billing issues & Marketing new patients; that is Never my position and my skillset. I’ve closed Contracts where we Add $10,000, $12,000 in marketing, medical billing dollars just to cover the labor costs in getting the doctor started; so we are not even dipping into the profit of the equipment. pH-Dental, Management and your Family has made Millions in Gross Profits off the Promises of guaranteeing dentists that you Will Take Care of their Payments in case You can’t help them generate Medical Billing Revenue; this is Not my job, it is Yours; I’m on top of my accounts.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to make a profit; just Don’t Call your employees Tribemen & women; don’t call them Family when they are Not. Your only loyalty is to yourself, maybe your immediate family and probably your siblings; don’t act like you care about your employees when you clearly demonstrated that when times gets hard and you have to make the tough decisions; you have No issues letting Everyone Go.

I’ve spoken with plenty of other dental dealers who despite the lockdown continue to pay their employees’ salaries.

I’m also not saying to keep unproductive people around; but the Amount of Turn-Over we had; my goodness; Vicky, Aymen, Matthew, Robert, Shirley, Diana, Simone, Sarah, Jessica,  David, Dan; were ALL of these people Bad, Negative People..?! No Vu, you used these good hard workers; we’ve trusted you, we worked hard spreading your message and you burned us. If nothing else you have to take a good hard look at your company employee Turn-Over rate; I’m sure you can see what this does to corporate morale. The dental world as you know is small and I guarantee everyone is aware of pH-Dental’s reputation. You can change your DBA all you want, you can go into different lines of business; but your reputation will follow you. You need to man-up and just do what you promised.

I really don’t have time to go on further today; I am working if you’re wondering, but what if I wasn’t and have been trying to find work? My family would have NO EDD..!!! Why, because YOU used our benefits ALL up..! I’m glad that you chose to reveal your true colors and your people can decide for themselves if they will want to continue working for you and your toxic, nepotistic company.

Just for the record, you fail to mention of Profit Sharing, Stock Options; and profiting off your employees’ ‘Volunteer’ work.

There’s More with pH Dental Inc Reviews

Besides pH Dental Inc. over-promising their clients and purposely and willfully neglecting them, it gets even more interesting. When COVID started in March 2020, they transitioned some of the products to PPE’s – which are gloves, face masks, surgical gowns and ect.

picture of pallets of gloves

pallets of gloves

Now, this part gets shady and you may not believe me but I witnessed it with my own eyes (lol). Now at this point, they have already in the transition to branding for Integrum. The pH Dental Inc. Reviews are going to get interesting now…

Most of the time they ordered their gloves for Vietnam, which make sense because pH Dental Inc. is predominately Vietnamese staff. The gloves would come in boxes on pallets, like the picture.

On many occasions, they would order gloves from Vietnam but not Sterile Examination Gloves that doctors, hospitals and the military would recommend. But the doctors, hospitals and military would be very strict on having Actual box saying “Examination Gloves!” So, the CEO would come out, gather up all the staff and tell us that…

“Even though the gloves did not say EXAMINATION Gloves on the boxes from Vietnam, they are considered examination gloves.”
picture of reboxing examination gloves

Re-boxing examination gloves

Guess what the CEO and the company did? He ordered empty boxes that said “Examination Gloves” on it and transferred the gloves from one box to another. And if you don’t believe me, check out this picture.

picture of kids helping pack boxes

Kids Helping Pack Boxes

The scary thing is these are supposed to be STERILE EXAMINATION GLOVES! And the whole company was ordered by the CEO and COO to work like a Sweat Shop and re-box all the gloves. The company even brought in their family and teenage kids to help.

Do you think these gloves are sterile anymore? Scary stuff. And most of these gloves were sold to doctors and the military. It might only be me, but I would not purchase any type of PPE’s from pH Dental Inc. or Integrum because they are doing this all time. Further, there was talk that they are branding their boxes for Integrum, meaning, they would have to switch out the gloves from one box to another.

picture of recycled boxes of examination gloves

Recycled Boxes of Examination Gloves

Can you say, “Unsanitary! Not Sterile! Contaminated! Stay away!


pH Dental Inc. Reviews with Marketing

picture of dental reviews marketing banner

Remember when reviewing pH Dental and Integrum (Integrum3d) that they were selling and offering marketing services to dental practices as a perk. This is an issue I have with companies that are not marketing agencies but offering marketing services to businesses, just to make extra money.

In this case, the two staff that led the marketing department were family to the CEO. So, again, what overall experience did they have in marketing, digital marketing, SEO and even building a business. Further, half of their marketing team were interns. Again, this is an issue with marketing agencies and marketing departments in general, but they are filled with interns managing your business (lol).

Within their marketing department, every single day doctors were calling venting about their marketing efforts were not being done; certain staff including the CEO and COO were avoiding their phone calls; and their promises were being neglected. Which leads us to the ultimate question of “why to even hire a marketing agency“, especially, pH Dental Inc. or Integrum?

The Secret Sauce in Marketing and SEO…

The major component I point out to every client and business that I consult is that..

“You do all this work in marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. You finally get decent organic traffic and results only to lose it with bad service. And, not only bad service but with complete neglect!”


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